Can Fathers Be Trusted To Bathe Their Daughters Without Abusing Them?

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4 Responses

  1. Arthur Ochin says:

    Well, I have some comments
    1. I am of the opinion that the TV host made a grievous mistake on air, that it may end up causing a big problem for her back home
    2. Is she indirectly telling us she doesn’t trust her husband, her supposed soul mate… Then what is she still doing in that relationship coz clearly is no longer marriage
    3. Even though such stories have been heard of father’s molesting daughters, check well it’s either is her step Father or her biological father that had cases of sexual escapades/molested by a child. Which is why before marriage ask questions properly?
    4. Lesson learned from what madam said on air, “do not wash your dirty panties outside”
    5. Me I will bathe my daughter and ensure her mother teaches her sex education.
    6. Good write up Lolo

    • Lolo Cynthia says:

      Thank you very much. You are very right that she made a huge mistake on air. We can never know for sure if she meant those words or not. But I hope other personalities learned from her slip up

  2. Nkem says:

    Great work

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