Rewiring the moral compass of boys the Correctional Center

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2 Responses

  1. Chinedu says:

    Thank you dear Lolo,

    I have a suggestion.
    Please how do we tackle child abuse.
    There is a trend in Calabar where Teens about 13- 17 move to Calabar for sex work.

    Often at time, they are been taken away from remote village for house keepers, sales girls, and cook but later turned into commercial sex work.

    How do we tackle this menace.


    • Lolo Cynthia says:

      Hello Chinedu
      Thank you for this very important question. The truth is that many engage in this due to poverty! So the abuse is simply the byproduct of the environment and circumstances they find themselves. To tackle child prostitution we must empower their parents financially so they do not opt for that route- whether sending their kids to work as maids or sales girls.

      Also, our laws need to be enforced and implemented to ensure that children rights are protected and anyone who abuses kids should pay.
      But we can’t wait for that long before doing something. Setting up cheap education for the children will go a LONG way for the kids. And brothels, where children are found, should be closed- when pimps know they will lose money- they are more likely to act right but this also speaks to the pedophilia problem we have in our society. So you see its a very layered problem that can be solved by tackling the root cause- poverty.. Written about this before –

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